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Assassin’s Creed One of the most successful of the last decade, Assassin’s Creed, comes to an end on the big screen, thanks to the adaptation produced and starring Michael Fassbender. The film, one of the most anticipated of the year and which opens in the United States on December 21, will arrive on Friday the 23rd, the eve of Christmas Eve, to Spain, a country where the story unfolds and where much has been filmed of the movie.

Directed by Justin Kurzel (Macbeth, Snowtown), the cast stars such as Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Charlotte Rampling, and others Spaniards Carlos Bardem, Javier Gutiérrez and Hovik Keuchkerian [the last two were interviewed by RTVE. Is in Seville]. The film saga seems to have just begun.

In Asssin’s Creed, Michael Fassbender is Callum Lynch, an inmate sentenced to lethal injection who is considered dead, but thanks to a revolutionary technology, led by Dr. Sophia Rikkin (Marion Cotillard), which allows access to memories Genetic, revives the adventures of Aguilar de Nerja, an ancestor of his who lived in Spain of the fifteenth century in the time of the Inquisition. Thus he discovers that he is descended from a mysterious secret organization, the Watch Assessin’s Creed Online, and possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to confront the powerful and fearsome organization of the Templars, both in the present and in the Past, where Templars and assassins live in a continuous war, the first to seize the minds and the will of the people and the second to defend free will.

For Fassbender, who presented the film in Madrid next to the director, his partner Marion Cotillard and the three Spanish actors, this is the second project that he undertakes as a producer with his company DMC Films, although the first one of great scope. Combining production and performance, he acknowledges in an interview with, is something that “requires a lot of energy” and has served to “respect much” the work of producers.

“It was a new experience, I had produced something before, Slow West (2015), but it was a very small project, of only two million euros, but this was a new beast. All of these things, but it’s very rewarding, “says the actor born in Heidelberg (Germany) 39 years ago and one of the brightest stars in Hollywood today, where he already has two Oscar nominations (Steve Jobs and Twelve Years of slavery).

With 100 million copies sold since the release of the Ubisoft company [also involved in the project], Fassbender acknowledges that adapting the game required a “delicate balance”, but feels “very proud” of the result and is Convinced that he has done “something very original”.

“It required a delicate balance because it is something that has many passionate followers, who had to respect, but at the same time not respect it because it is a movie and not a video game.At the same time had to be able to condense that complex world For an audience that has never played the game.And I feel like we have, we have taken key elements of the game and introduced them into a narrative structure.The action scenes are insurmountable and at the same time we ask very deep questions. Something that is very unusual for this type of films, which is not easy to say who are the good guys and what are the bad guys, something not usual in this type of films.This is different, “says the actor of Irish descent- Mother of Ulster Northern Ireland, is the granddaughter of the historic Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins.

In this sense, Australian director Justin Kurzel, who already directed Fassbender and Cotillard in Macbeth (2015), explains that there were “iconic video game elements” that they wanted to keep, such as the aspect of assassins, parkour and their way of Fight, but they thought the idea of ​​”genetic memory” and deepen the idea of ​​”being able to travel to the past to discover who you were and what skills you had”.

Also the filmmaker, whom interviewed in London in May, coincides with the producer and protagonist in that it was not necessary to raise the war between assassins and templars simply as a “black and white” dichotomy, but to do something that ” Not typical of good versus bad. ”

Although none of the eight videogames of the saga expressly recreates in Spain, although there are references to our country and the Spanish Inquisition, Kurzel explains that they have focused on the Spanish XV century because he wanted to “find a new timeline and a unique place to The film “and the” rich “history and culture of Spain seemed to them a” perfect marriage “for the past

Updated: December 17, 2016 — 11:16 pm
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